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The Chirackal family, well known for its enterprising spirit, entered the field as a small scale unit three decades ago and presently stands among the leading rice manufacturers in Kerala PERIYAR RICE was founded by Late.Sh. K.P. Devassy Kutty(1926-1999) and the company was clothed with a corporate veil in 1995. It was the first company of its kind when under the able guidance of Late. Sh. Devassy Kutty, who nurtured the business till 1999.

The torch kindled by the founder is taken forward in all brightness by C.D. Polachan, C.D. Jose and C.D. Sebastian…all members of the Chirackal family, who are focused on the vision and mission of the company that was set by Sh. Devassy Kutty. At present, the management also consists of two of their heirs of the present generation, i.e, Sunil Polachan, son of C.D Polachan, who also had been actively present in the business since the beginning of the millenium and Bijo Jose, son of C.D Jose, who recently finished his higher studies, have also entered the firm along with, thereby both working together proudly in running the family business, that was started by their grandfather .”

It was more than three decades ago that the Chirackal family introduced the idea of packed rice in Kerala. The Chirackal modern rice mill was started in 1991. The unit started manufacturing rice and the brand was called “PERIYAR”, going after the great river Periyar on the banks of which the company stood.

The second unit of the Chirackal Agro Mills was started in 1998. The machineries for this unit were imported from Japan and the same could completely remove the unwanted black rice. The mill was the first unit of its kind to erect a 120-channel sortex machine for “Palakkadan Matta Rice”, in India. Periyar Rice is the best-branded rice in Kerala and India.


About Us

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Our Vision

Since “change” is the essence of life, we too after 12 years as the premier manufacturer of branded rice and rice products have decided to change.

Right from inception, our name has been based on the longest river in Kerala, The Periyar, also known as the Lifeline of Kerala. Over the years, the river has changed, the banks adjoining the river have changed, and we as a company have changed…thus was born a creative innovation on our insignia. Which other color for a new logo than the universal color that is painted across the sky and on the crystal clear waters of the Periyar… a color that is cool and calming?

The blue in our new logo signifies the purity of our products…The few golden grains sprouting from the blue signifies the quality of our products… Each grain that we produce can be weighed with gold. And, lastly the ingenious caption “Goodness of traditional taste” signifies that we give highest priority to tradition and taste attached to it.

Just as we have attached great importance on the looks of our logo, so too shall we strive to give you the best products. Periyar Rice is the best-branded rice in Kerala and India.

Our Products

The demand for a particular product peaks when it manages to check off all the necessities. As for the food products, no one can give a good judgment on how beneficial the product is other than Chefs. With Periyar rice products encompassing only top-quality & easy-cooking content, it comes as no surprise to find them as a primary choice of many chefs across the country and abroad

Periyar Rice - Branded Rice in Kerala

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Make Puttu More Softer
Appam Podi
Make More Tastier Appam
Dosa Podi
Make Quality Iddilies
Matta Broken Rice
Make High Quality Rice