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It was more then three decades  ago that the chirackal family introduced the idea of packed rice in Kerala . The Chirackal modern rice mill was started in 1991 . The unit started manufacturig the rice and the brand was called 'PERIYAR going after the great river Periyar on the bans of which company  stood
White Puttu Podi is made with a variety of rice in a balanced combination. It has the perfect color, smell, taste and flavor. Puttu Podi is nutritious and it has B complex vitamins and iron. Puttu Podi is an excellent breakfast food !The demand for a particular product peaks when it manages to check off all the necessities. As for the food products, no one can give a good judgment on how beneficial the product is other than Chefs. With Periyar rice products encompassing only top-quality & easy-cooking content, it comes as no surprise to find them as a primary choice of many chefs across the country and abroad.

“Easily Cookable rice varieties rich in qualities  ”

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“.Delicious Veg and Non Veg  pickle assortment ”

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“Wheat with higher content of protiens