The one factor among many that make Periyar proud is its most innovative and state-of-the-art manufacturing units. The modern sortex rice machine has been imported from Satake, Japan. These machines along with others make our plant one of the best in the industry. We take pains to keep abreast of the changing technology in the field and implement any of them which would be of benefit to our esteemed clients. One other feature of our plants is our very stringent quality check measures. We guarantee to ourselves that not a grain of rice leaves our premises without undergoing all quality checks that have been incorporated in our facility. This in turn gives our customers the chance to believe, 100%, on the quality of all our products.
Periyar offers an array of instant mixes for almost all Kerala delicacies. Even though these products are produced using modern machinery, the process is strictly traditional. An example is the use of the traditional "uruli" or the use of firewood for heating. These make our products traditional wonders...wonders which even grandma would approve.
Our manufacturing facility of wheat products has been made to churn out the very best of wheat products which include, Atta Podi, Maida Podi, Varutha Rava Podi, Whole Wheat Atta Podi. The machinery has been imported from Unamark, Turkey. All our products undergo stringent quality control measures. The manufacture of these products is done under the strict supervision of our most experienced and qualified personnel. Periyar is always on the lookout for improving standards of production and quality control measures.
Our distribution network makes it possible for our products to be made available at every nook and corner across the country and abroad. We own a fleet of lorries, trucks and smaller goods vehicles that play around the clock to ensure timely deliveries. We have appointed trustworthy and efficient distributors who take care of the needs of valued customers. It's our constant effort to improve our distribution system and we shall strive to do so in the future too. Our personalized export function is a very unique fact. We manufacture according to your needs and make it available. This is a very exclusive feature of Periyar. Not only do we manufacture according to requirements, but also export to any country where it is required. Our manufacturing facilities enable us to produce what you need. Since quality is our stronghold, you can be rest assured that our products will exceed your expectations in that capacity. Timely deliveries is also our forte.
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The demand for a particular product peaks when it manages to check off all the necessities. As for the food products, no one can give a good judgment on how beneficial the product is other than Chefs. With Periyar rice products encompassing only top-quality & easy-cooking content, it comes as no surprise to find them as a primary choice of many chefs across the country and abroad.
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